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artikel ni saya baca di blogserius. tapi minda dipara-para kesedaran saya mentafsir benda lain plak..jgn tanya macam mana otak saya bekerja..ngeeehh..

"First computer programmer was a WOMAN.Computers have a huge impact on our life, and COMPUTER PROGRAMS tell those computers what to do and how to do it.for BOTH GOOD AND BAD, computer programs have ALTERED OUR EXISTENCE.So, its about time you learned A LITTLE about THEM."

Sebenarnya..dia cerita pasal computer programs. Tapi saya tafsir benda lain..

So basically..Computer programs are women, right? :p
No offense ya..

That's why women are complicated as C++.. Saya pon dapat C+ je utk subject tu..huu..

we are that hard to understand? :p

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