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Haih.. I can't believe I'm writing bout this..hekhek..

I still wanna write about PIPP. But kind of..PIPP was for 2006-2010 right?
So.. Hmm.. Lets start with NKRA.

There are 6 thrusts which are:

1) reducing crimes
2) fighting corruption
3) improving students outcome
4) raising living standards of low income household
5) improving rural basic infrastructure
6) improving urban transport

for education, NKRA divided into 4 sub:

1) preschool
3) High performance school ( eh..btul kan english untuk SBP kan?kan?)
4) What the hell is that? I even don't understand..(matilaaa...)

I even can't write it..and how I gonna explain it? yabaii..

High Performance School is an idea from NKRA.. Cluster school is an idea from PIPP.. So.. What are the different? Can someone tell me?

And what are the different between KSSR and KBSR? I know that KSSR focus on holistic education but.. I can't find the different.....Err.. Actually I don't even understand it.. Aigooo..
But someone told me these..


1) less subject but more interactive - lots of ABM, ICT and sort of
2) P&P using modul not text book anymore. I saw the text book for standard 1. nipis..
3)there are 3 moduls. basic, theme and elective.

feww.. berpeluhh kottt.. (^_^")

oh ya.. no more Bahasa Melayu.. Change back to Bahasa Malaysia.

Why do I think that PIPP is easier to memorize...ngeee...


the purpose of the national education development plan 2006-2010 is to increase the effectiveness of education management. The six thrust areas are

1) NNation building

2) DDeveloping human capital

3) SStrengthening national schools

4) BBridging the rural urban educational gap

5) IImproving the teaching profession

6) AAccelerating excellance at edu. Institution

What do I know bout nation building?

-to form a patriotic citizens

how to achieve?

-strengthening the national language (such as MBMMBI)

- Unity between races (such as 1 Malaysia)

-love their country, know their history and culture

What do I know about developing human capital?

-way to develop a person with education, skills, self esteem, competent and good personal dignity

Okey..enuffffffff... Berasaaappp..

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PIPP tu tak masuk kot sebab tahun ni ended tapi KSSR tu pasti! read a lot about it and make yourself really understand the concept.